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Call to Reserve: 415-817-7836
TRACE is committed to creating an enriching and thoughtful culinary experience by fusing the vibrant, local personality of the Bay Area with our dedication to socially responsible food. Our high-quality cuisine is prepared from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients - or obtained through national partners with well-known sustainable practices. We hope you'll enjoy your meal, which can be confidently traced back to its natural origins.
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  • Location:
  • 181 Third Street, San Francisco CA 94103
  • Opening Hours:
Breakfast: Monday - Friday, CLOSED
Lunch: Monday - Friday, CLOSED
Dinner: Monday - Sunday, CLOSED
Weekend Brunch: Saturday & Sunday, CLOSED
Trace interior
Trace Rooftop Honey
In November 2011, the TRACE team rescued two wild honey bee colonies that came from hives where they were considered pests, and installed them on the roof of W San Francisco. The honey bees thrived in their new environment, especially with the abundance of food in neighboring Yerba Buena Gardens.
Chef Frederic Hoffmann
Meet Our Chef
Executive Chef Frederic Hoffmann brings two decades of experience in the fine dining industry to his job as executive chef at W San Francisco, where he oversees the hotel's entire culinary operations and menu development for its catering and banquet facilities, in-room dining, Living Room Bar, and TRACE.
About W San Francisco
Located in the heart of the SoMA district, W San Francisco is the ultimate urban oasis with panoramic views of the city's skyline and breathtaking views of the Bay Bridge. A favorite venue for art exhibitions, film screenings, fashion gatherings and music events